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XMAS PROMO: Get quality Ankara Design Such as Shoes, Caps, Bags, jewelleries, Wristband & Necklace At LOLANN DESIGNS

Beautiful Ankara Bag design By Lolann Design

Beautiful Ankara Bag design By Lolann Design

Tired of wearing #AlexanderMcQueen, #MichaelKross, #JimmyChoo and all those foreign designs.

Thinking of coming home LOLANNDESIGNS got you covered with Ankara Fashion (shoes, all kinds of bags, jewellerIes etc)

Africa is blessed with beautiful fashion materials and one of these material is known as ankara.

  • African print, popularly known as Ankara, has gained popularity in the global fashion scene since 2010. The material is primarily associated with Africa mainly because of the tribal-like patterns and motifs. Since it’s ascension in global fashion, much talk has focused on whether or not African fabric is authentically African given the fact that the fabric was in fact originally made in Europe.
  • The question is what and what can you do with ankara, how creative have you utilise ankara, in this edition of NUBUNK PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK, we present to you an outfit that has been behind the scene of ankara designs, ankara bags, shoes, necklace, caps and so on LOLANN DEIGN.

    Bag design by lolann design

    Bag design by lolann design

    This past years,our culture took a bold step to eradicate westernization especially towards our dress sense. Due to this, LOLANN DESIGN is a fashion house that is committed to reminding African’s not to neglect our own culture and embrace others but to embrace ours and extend its culture towards other countries as well.

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    LOLANN DESIGN has this great passion for beauty and by beauty I mean, no man rocks African fabrics like a black man.

    The ability to make beautiful bags, accessories, Calender’s, phone cases, shoes, photo frames, wrist watches and anything you could ever imagine with African fabrics is what we call true creativity and beauty, @LOLANN DESIGN we stand for true beauty and creativity.

    Laptop cover design  By Lolann design

    Laptop cover design By Lolann design

    Since august, 2013 LOLANN DESIGN has been keeping it real with all kinds of trends, concept, styles based on creativity

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    Despite the high Competition in the fashion industry there has been lots of losses, pains and gains especially when LOLANN DESIGN was established but God has been there and we’ve been able to surpass every challenge.

    At the same time, In so many ways our pain has given us some experiences which made us buckle up and led us where we are today.

    One thing i love so much about the fashion industry is as far as you are determined and there’s a vision, no competition can pull you down. indeed no competition has been able to pull us down

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    And yes, we understand your pocket, wallet and purse..

    For More details, contact us on +2348083310213,+22968402600,+22961229268, BB Pin- 5653FCAF

    ankara made Necklace design by Lolann design

    ankara made Necklace design by Lolann design

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