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THE REMEDY: God Acts On Our Behalf

Read: Philippians 4:6-7

We have become so accustomed to this hurried world that we’ve begun to demand speed in our spiritual life too. However, God “acts on behalf of those who wait for him” (Isaiah 64:4 NIV). Wise believers endure until the fruits of His labor appear.

In this devotion, we’ll look at three reasons believers are called upon to wait. First, God may be preparing us to receive His blessings. Perhaps we need new skills or greater maturity. Sometimes people require fresh spiritual insight before their hands are ready to hold what their hearts desire. For example, David waited years to sit on his appointed throne. But when he did, he was a wise, strong, and battle-tested king.

Second, the Father is often teaching His children to have confidence in Him. How would believers ever learn faith if God immediately fulfilled their every request? In my own life, the Lord has often said two words: “Trust Me.” And He has never been late to meet my needs. No matter how we justify rushing ahead of God, doing so amounts to saying, “I don’t trust You.”

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Finally, the Lord will at times withhold blessing to protect us from harm we can’t see. We may never find out what caused the delay. But be assured that God examines the object of our desire closely before placing it in our hands.

Waiting is rarely easy, particularly in this instant-everything world. But rushing ahead of the Lord short-circuits His plan. Believers who do are left unsatisfied, and they often must live with terrible consequences. Be patient while the Lord works out details. His best is on the way.

Trusting God Takes Practice

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

My pastor was talking about trust and the vital importance of trusting God. He asked us, “What is under your standing? What are you basing your choices on? Do you believe that God is for you? Do you believe that His plans for you are good? Do you believe that God is going to show up?”


These are great questions. God is fully trustworthy. He has given us His whole heart. He’s all in.

Are you?

Am I?

Proverbs 3:5-6 speaks about trusting God with our whole heart and acknowledging God in all our ways. Trust is not a one-time decision; it’s part of our relationship with God that requires constant maintenance. Every situation, every decision, every thought is a choice to trust God or not.

Trust is absolutely vital to having a close relationship with God. Trust in God opens the door to all sorts of healthy spiritual practices. When I trust God I don’t second-guess the way He blesses others. Trust keeps me from doubting His goodness when I don’t understand His timing.

Father in Heaven, so often I catch myself falling back into old habits and trying to solve things my way, in my timing. Help me to come to You first. I believe that You love me and I know that Your plans for me are for my benefit – even when they don’t feel very good. Help me to walk in the reality of Your love today and trust as one who’s heart is turned toward You. In Your name I pray, amen.

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Put your trust into practice today –  Track your doubts for a day. Really pay attention to your thoughts and practice trusting God. When fear or doubt creeps in stop that thought and pray. Ask God for His peace. Once you’ve counted your doubts for a day, see if you can make the next day’s number smaller.

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