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SEX TIPS: 4 True Benefits of Swallowing Man Sp'erm

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Dr Ananya Mandal in an article on News-Medical.net says swallowing it might be a good idea.

Her reports states that sp3rm has a lot of health benefits, whether swallowed or taken in via the v@gin@ membranes.

Though the prospects of having c’ um in the mouth, talk more of swallowing it, is like ‘Eeeeew’ to many, the benefits of swallowing it are enough to make you consider trying it next time.


Here are some weird but true benefits:

1. S3men contains many nutrients.It has been said that S3men contains fructose, ascorbic acid, zinc,cholesterol, protein, calcium, chlorine, blood group antigens, citric acid, DNA, Magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, uric acid, lactic acid, nitrogen and other nutrients.

2. S3men contains antibodies that help women and their pregnancies.Many women’s infertility and miscarriages are due to their inherent presence of antibodies that destroy the proteins or antigens present in her s’ exual partners S3men. This can be corrected by “swallowing the S3men of the partner” because the woman is “swallowing her partner’s antigens.”

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3. S3men helps reduce the risk of cancer.One of the possible beneficial effects of consuming S3men include lowering breast cancer risks.

4. S3men can also help reduce depression.The absorption of S3men via the v@gin@l mucus membrane lining its inner walls has positive effects like reducing depression and also reduces the risk of breast cancer

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By Dr Ananya Mandal

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