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The Scary Thing You Never Knew About Coconut Oil

The Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory conducted seven controlled trials where they compared coconut oil with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils. The report, released on June 15, showed that coconut oil increased LDL, or “bad” cholesterol in all seven of their controlled trials and in six of them, the increase was considered significant.

One finding that really puts this into perspective was that there was no difference when it came to comparing coconut oil with oils saturated in fat such as butter and beef fat. In fact, coconut oil is actually so high in saturated fat (82% of the fat in it is saturated) that it far outweighs pork lard (39%), butter (63%) and beef fat (50%).

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The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly 32% of Americans have high and for those people, the AHA recommends consuming no more than 6% saturated fat as part of their daily caloric intake.

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