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NUBUNKeGIST: I Drop School To Utilize My God Given Talent Which Is Rap – Touching Story Of “Akone Moniglish”

Born Bakare Hakeem Akanji AkA “Akone Moniglish”. He is the last product of Bakare and also the last of Keyinde (Wife/mother)

My father (Bakare) practiced polygamy and my mother had a husband before my father. (But divorced). The condition brought hardship to my up bringing because, my mother has 4 other kids whom are my seniors to take care and she was a petty trader whom don’t have a bank account because their no enough. She lives from hand to mouth with my step brothers so she had to take me to her father, for him to relieve her of the pressure of having to feed 4 boys and 1 girl.

I started living with my grand pa. He admitted me into primary school and also in Quran studies. He promised to take responsibilities of my education till i graduate. But unfortunately, i lost him when i was just in primary five( 5). R I P pa.

Then i have to go back to my mother, One night she woke me up from sleep. And asked me to sit down beside her. Then untied the edge of her wrapper (Eti Iro). Then she brought out some squeezed money. I can’t really remember how much the money really was. But am sure it’s wasn’t up to #2000 (Two Thousands Naira).

Then she said this is all the money she has, that she is not owning debts and no one is owning debt to her. No bank account talkless of having money in the bank. So she asked me to close my eyes and asked me who did I see and I said i see nobody. Then she asked me to open it, and asked me again who did i see. Then i said i see her, Then she i said If you live by my words you will always see me But if you choose to live by your thought and die.

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You will never see me, She said your father is alive, but i don’t want you to rely on him or his promises. Then she asked me, do i want to further my education after primary six or i will learn apprentice. And i choose to further my education. Then she said i will have to work to sponsor my self, because she can’t afford to sponsor my secondary education.

Because she has Five of us that she has to cater for with this money she tied on her wrapper. She said this money is even not enough to buy school uniform, bag, school sander, books not talk of paying fees And still running her petty trade.

So if i really want to go to school i will have to work. While she will provide food for me and my steps. Then the next day she took to her friend, then this friend took me to saw mail, That was how I started hustling for my life.

After my secondary school, I met with my father. Then he promised to sponsor me through university. I sat for jamb after 4years of leaving secondary When I went for post jamb at Mapoly. During the exam I felt sick but I manage to finished the exam.

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Then I was woking at King’s Kid nursery and primary school as security, After finished my post jamb exam. On my way going back home, the sickness started hitting me hard, i manage to get home. Then my mother gave me local drug which i took to sleep.

The next morning one of my father children came to break a news that my father died yesterday. He was my only hope of going to higher institution at that time so its like the hope dies with him.

When the result came out i was chosen and ask to pay acceptance fees. I only had fifteen thousands in my account i had to borrow money from the school i was working with to complete the acceptance fees.

Then fees after fees start surface I couldn’t get money from anywhere again. So I had to drop the schooling. So I have the plan of coming to Lagos to utilize my God’s given talent which is Rap.

After couple of try and errors at different studios. In the year 2014 I met Bmyne then he produced “TUNGBA RAP” for me. That was when i got the new name “Moniglish” attached to my name, Which simply means “Money English” Your ways of speaking English during transaction. Either mixing up Pigeon with English, in as much as you can name your price and get pay. That is “Moniglish”

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It came out from my mouth when I was writing the song Lyric, My friends show some love and said that am now on the line.
And i felt the same way too.

In the 2015 I hooked up with Bmyne again. And i produced Hustle, To motivate my hustle and all my hustling brothers in the street.

2016 I recorded “ASEJE RAP” with Bmyne. Aseje Rap was Rap battle freestyle. Was composed based on my experience in free shows i went for in different club in Lagos

Then 2017 #IbileTrapRap, Coming to my mind So i hooked up with my producer Bmynine, Then he read my mind and i recorded #GbenuSi

#GbenuSi is many hoods slogan. Which means have a taste,or share with me, Is a positive words and mostly used among youths and the olds. Must especially party people.

    When I say *Gbenu si* you will say *Ka Jo laa*

Thank you for taking your time to read my biography. The brand Akone Moniglish has a lot of mind blowing stuff to show to the world of entertainment.

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