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18+: Pull Out Method Vs. Condoms

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#1 Pregnancy

For every 100 people, 27 will become pregnant using the pullout method vs. 18 who are using condoms.

#2 STDs

The pull-out method offers zero protection against STDs, while condoms reduce the risk of certain STDs and eliminate the risk of others.

#3 Pre-Cum Factor

About 1/3 of guys’ pre-cum contains live swimming sperm, which means that even before men ejaculate, sperm are entering the cervix and making their way up the Fallopian tubes in search of an egg. In this case the pull out method doesn’t work, however, the condom would prevent those little swimmers from getting out.

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#4 How It Feels

Let’s face it, the pull out method feels a lot better because it’s skin on skin, however, with a condom a guy can stay inside a woman and have a better orgasm.

#5 Spontaneity

The pull out method wins over condoms in the spontaneity department due to the fact that there is no prep needed, just a guy skilled with his own member.

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#6 Disruption

Both methods cause some type of disruption during sex. With the condom you have to stop to put it on, but with the pull out method, you have to stop at the best moment.

#7 The Winner

The clear winner is the condom due to the fact that not only does it prevent more pregnancies, it prevents a lot more STDs.

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