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18+: 7 Warning Signs That Tell Your Vagina Is Unhealthy

Here are the signs that prove your vagina is unhealthy and without any delay, you should consult a doctor.

#1 Dry

You need to get a checkup if your vagina is dry for excessive amounts of time, as it needs moisture to balance out. The only time constant dryness is acceptable is if you are over the age of 50 (menopause).

#2 Discharge

Any form of excessive discharge (no matter the color) means you should RUN to the doctors – that’s not normal whatsoever.

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#3 Bad Smell

If a foul smell is constantly there when your using the bathroom and can’t be fixed with a shower…you have a problem. This is the biggest sign that your vagina should be checked.

#4 Burning

Itchiness or burning in any are of your body can scare you, and the pain is simply unbearable. This could be an STD, infection or multiple other illnesses.

#5 Blood

If you see blood coming from your vagina when your NOT on your period, you should consult your doctor.

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#6 Abdominal Bleeding

A hormonal imbalance can cause abdominal bleeding which can be extremely dangerous and life threatening.

#7 Bleeding After Sex

The biggest sign of cervical cancer is bleeding after you’ve had sexual intercourse, so please keep an eye out after your’e sexually active.

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