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18+: 5 Ways To Express Your Love To Someone And Appreciate Them

As a child, I never heard the phrase “I love you.” Now, I hear people say it all the time—at the end of phone calls and whenever parting ways.

When I moved away from my hometown twenty years ago, I noticed how much less I felt loved.

Even though I didn’t hear “I love you”. somehow I knew people cared.

Soon after I arrived here, I had two wonderful children who’ve taught me all about love. They regularly tell me they love me, and I often overhear them telling their friends.

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This got me thinking: how can we let people know we care, beyond simply saying “I love you?” I decided to make a list of some expressions that we can all say more often to family, friends, partners, and even colleagues.

You could use one of these each week for the next year.

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1. You are special to me.

2. I feel amazing when I spend time with you.

3. You give me goosebumps.

4. I feel safe sharing my secrets with you.

5. I accept you as you are.

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